What Kind of World Have You Been Drawn Into

I need a new set of headphones. I need a pair that aren’t flimsy, like the ones I’m wearing now, or poorly constructed, like the ‘good’ ones I have sitting beside my multi-track in my music studio space.

The main reason I need better headphones is, I like to air drum. See, I play several instruments, but one I don’t own and thus cannot make my own is the drums. One day, I will own an electric acoustic drum kit, and will be at peace at last. But until that golden day arrives, I will be plugged into my computer at 4 AM, listening to progressive and classic rock and air drumming… while my headphones slowly slide down my head because they don’t sit on my head properly.

Oh sure, I could go out and waste more money on a set from Radi… oh yeah, we call them ‘The Source’, now. Whatever *cough cough radio shack cough* But the fact is, even if I don’t become the owner of a truly great set of monitor headphones, like my buddy David ‘Mike Guild’ Jones now owns, I definitely need a pair that stay on my head and don’t fall to pieces because the volume knob is made of shoddy plastic.

So yeah, I need recommendations. If I don’t go for an expensive set, what relatively cheap set would you recommend?

This is entirely a silly thing for me to ask, because I know no one will reply. I just don’t have that many people reading, and almost no musicians. By the time someone offers a suggestion, it’ll be months or even years from now, and I’ll either own a set of something barely adequate, or be living on the street, wishing I still had my crappy in-ear buds and my 16 GB iPod to play with.

I’ve been listening to the last two Asia albums, and now I’m listening to Operation: Mindcrime by Queensryche. It’s been years since I last heard it. I consider myself something of a fan, but I’ve just kind of stayed away for years. Mind you, my head has been shifting back around to the progressive rock/metal end of the pool over the last few days. It probably started when I got stuck on UK for a few weeks there. I also found Bruford to be lots of fun, and started playing that stuff along with the UK and Red-era King Crimson stuff, and now I’m back to choppy, carefully constructed rock music again. I suspect I’ll have to dig out the Ozzy next.

I even played Magnification by Yes last night for the first time in probably a couple of years. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy that album. It’s mature and unassuming, but has lots of good stuff in it. I’m always a little surprised and dismayed when I read modern reviewers who dismiss it (and the previous few albums) as weak. I’ll admit that Open Your Eyes was spotty, but The Ladder was a decent if not incredible album, and Magnification was the best combination of a progressive rock band and a symphony orchestra I’ve ever heard. It’s a great album. If you don’t know it, give it a try. If you do and are one of those people who thought it was lame… well, I don’t know if there’s any help for you, but I’ll keep you posted if I ever come across a cure for hopelessness. 😉

Anyway, not a lot of insight here today. I want headphones, and I’ll probably be playing music through my crappy ones all day while I write and draw myself into a frenzy. I should get to it. Thanks for reading. Hope your weekend is an enjoyable, restful one.


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