When I Drown In Your Ghose Light

Just listening to the new Soundgarden for the first time, and thinking it’s a good album worthy of reviewing. I’ll have to get to that some time in the next few days, if I can. So much going on behind the scenes right now, and there just doesn’t seem to be much time for anything else. I’m working on a holiday card, and I’m also working on a not-quite-holiday song. Problem there is, I have a lyric I like and a set of riffs I like, but my wife thinks the lyrics are too depressing. Not exactly what I was shooting for, but I’ll have to work on it when she’s not around, assuming she goes to the gym at all before Christmas. Otherwise, it’s not going to happen unless I write a cheerful Christmas lyric, which I don’t have in me. *shrug*

I sold one copy of Bisecting a Circumference Remixed. Technically, I sold two, but a buddy of mine paid half price and then didn’t download the album, which to me says “doing you a favor, but I don’t want it”. That seems to be the general consensus. It’s more listenable than The Whole Other Half, but again, nobody wants it. *shrug* My brilliant music career is not happening this year, despite my best efforts to date.

I still haven’t finished editing the Back Roads of Limbo, and I’m hoping to do that before Christmas. With any luck, maybe a few more of my friends will have eReaders for Christmas, and I’ll be able to convince them to get my book. Maybe I should just give it away. ‘Free’ is a price people can almost get excited about when it comes to my work. Almost.

Okay, I apologize. It appears I’m getting maudlin. 4:33 AM here, so I’m sitting naked in the dark writing this, and not really feeling too sparkly. Maybe I’ll feel better in the New Year. Here’s hoping. This year has been a pretty big one, but it’s not been without its disappointments, so I’m kind of eager to see it on its way.

Despite all this, I wish you all a festive holiday season, whatever holiday you may celebrate or observe at this time. Pretty sure even atheists keep pretty busy at this time of year, even without a designated holiday, and everyone else is pretty much covered. So take care of one another, dream bigger dreams,and know that I’m glad you’ve invited me into your home, even if virtually, for this short bit of your day. Be well.


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