When Saturn Wraps Its Arms Around Uranus

Sorry for the title. I was just goofing on the ‘classic’ Hippy anthem, Age of Aquarius, and my brain did something weird.

Anyway, just a quick note to tell you that the first chapter of the first draft of Passage To Bujah: Departure, is complete. I can hereby pronounce that the book is thus officially happening. Been a while since I wrote a pure adventure novel of any sort. It’s nice to just make things up and go with the flow. It’s not so nice when the plan for the first chapter gets almost completely ignored and the chapter that results leads me to conclude that the plan for the second chapter doesn’t work anymore. Hazards of the business.

Thing is, I’m pretty sure the first chapter is good, but I’m not sure if it’s the best chapter to lead with, and yet pretty much everything that happens in the chapter fulfills the plan (even though I diverged wildly), so it’s not as if I have to scrap Plan A yet.I just have unexpected house guests. Two of them are teachers. They don’t get to ride through the whole story, but we may see them again some day, which is both a plus and a minus, because It’s Complicated.

I’m more concerned about the tone than I am the plot of the first chapter. I was expecting something a shade breezier. I have two chapters now that call for a breezier approach, but I’m not sure if I have 9K of breezy in my after this first chapter, which turned out to be heavier than planned.

As mentioned before, the plan for the trilogy is in place. I can’t afford to deviate too far if I want to get this project done and dusted in a practical period of time. I’ve got enough material so far to submit to an agent and try to get a deal going. I just have to write a proper Query letter for it. I have a blurb, which might serve, but I need to review it and consider whether it still works as anything more than a jacket blurb.

If I get said query letter together, I’ll post it later today, just so you can have a chuckle.

Time to get back to work.


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