When the Rain Comes, They Run and Hide Their Heads

So Dawn and I were planning on bringing out the art for the World Music Festival at Gage Park. We even have the Good Ship Ghettotastica just about ready to go. But our sore backs and the weather are making us think twice. Very tough call. Wet art and no tent, you see, are a bad combination.

We might just get dressed and come out to the park, and also take a side trip to Open Streets, but without the art; I’m not sure yet. I really want to bring out the art and get some vindication for not having sold any of my paintings at Art Crawl.

Drinking coffee, chilling in the AC, and contemplating the day.

Might write a post about our late cat, Lucky, in a day or two. Still coping with the loss. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

And Thanks for reading.


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