When The World Is Running Down

Good Afternoon. Mackrophiles,

I’m listening to the Police concert disc set, Certifiable, from the 2007 tour. Lots of fun, and it takes me back to the tour, which I was fortunate enough to have been given tickets for my friends and I to go see, back when the graphic design work was still plentiful and my relationship with GRE and MGI was still pretty good. I almost miss those days. almost. I certainly miss the money. But at any rate, I wrote a review of that concert back then. I’m considering reviewing the live CD set next, but I’m not sure if anyone really wants that. Thoughts?

Earlier today, my agent and I were out helping with the local neighbourhood clean-up. I’m embarrassed to say, it needs it. Could probably do with more than one a year, in fact. We found several large and small pieces of broken mirror in an alleyway, and a huge pile of dog crap where someone had obviously been scooping it up and depositing it outside of their yard. Good times.

I need to work on a song or two today, but I’m kind of groggy from the sleeping pill I took at 4:30, when I woke up a bit too early to start the day but too late to chat with night owl friends. I’ve already taken too much medication to counteract the effects of everything that ails me, but I feel like I need a nap. Probably won’t happen. I’ll just have to get my head together and pick a song to focus on. Got three or four in my sights for today, but one may be all I can manage: I want to rerecord the vocal performance I did for my friend Kristine’s song; I also want to record some guitar for One Up On You; and I need to polish up the guitar track on All This Time.

I also plan on setting up the drum track of On My Mind, so I can get started laying the instrumentation on that. It won’t be all keys this time. I plan on recording a real bass and guitar part for it as well as keys, and I’m thinking of getting Kristine to record a clarinet part for the song as well. I also have to get my voice ready to re-sing that song, which may not be easy. I really pushed it last time, and I know I haven’t got access to my full range these days.

Anyway, I got up to make a sandwich and came back to find a panther in my chair, so I’m gonna go do a bit of reading until the urge to work finally hits me. Maybe some more caffeine might help.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day.


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