When You Reach Out For Me, And The Feeling Is Bright

Okay, I’ve been AWOL for days, and it’s all down to my mood. I note with some satisfaction that my Genesis – Duke review and The Last Love Scene have been getting traffic. Intriguingly enough, the Ian Anderson – Thick As A Brick II review has not been getting traffic. I guess the bloom is off the rose, so to speak. Either that, or you lot are expecting me to review his latest album, Homo Erraticus. I’ll get to it, I suspect, but I DID say I was going to back off album reviews, because so few people respond to my reviews these days. Hard to justify the writing time for something I receive neither money nor feedback for, and it’s an expensive hobby. Not as expensive as scotch drinking, but scotch at least rewards you with a warm throat and a tingly brain. Music reviews… not so much.

Anyway, I hear a hard rock version of Night Fever in my head that my loving wife won’t allow me to rehearse and record, because she dreads the idea. Not sure if she’s afraid of the song, or just trying to protect the sanctity of Disco.

She’s watching a video review of a painting easel.

I have to go flip the breakfast sausage. No idea what I’m doing today. I’ll let you know later.

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