When You’re Right, Everything Else In This Place Just Might Be Wrong

I’m tired. The day is barely started, and I’ve managed to do some grocery shopping. Now I’m going to sort out my tablet portfolio and work on the Self-Contained painting. I may do some work on Arcanna, too. I can’t really work on Sunday Afternoon Matinée (the mega series that leads up to Arcanna), because the notes haven’t been typed out yet, and my notebook is in Brandon’s truck.

So, it’s time for Ian Thornley to help me get my working mindset on. I used to play his albums (Big Wreck/Thornley) on the way to work for years, and it was always one of the strongest, most effective ways to put it all together and get through a day of the grind. These days not so much with the grind, but work still happens.

A cute little lady at the food bank asked me what kind of painting I did, and what medium I prefer. Then she told me to have fun painting, and I told her I don’t really ‘enjoy’ it, these days. I do, sort of, but not the same way I enjoy oral sex (giving and receiving) or a really quality spliff and an episode of Planet Earth (David Attenborough is a fricking world treasure). However, I didn’t have time to explain to her that I don’t so much ‘enjoy’ painting as I ‘need’ to express myself. It’s a compulsion, like a driving obsession. Like that girl who used to sing at the same bar as me, and when we finally got it together for a bit, it was nothing but hell on my emotional state, but at least the sex was good. Really good. She rocked my world in ways I’ve never really completely recovered from. That sort of near-addictive sex. These days, we never talk. It’s weird. I went through a long period where I wasn’t doing art of any significant kind, too. But that at least came back. The girl is still holding out. Life goes on. *shrug*

So, this is the state of the current piece:

I’m carefully sanding the edges and sides to make the pieces slip in and out of the outline smoothly, so the gluing process won’t screw up. I have about twelve more pieces to work on, including two tiny pieces that are going to need to be carefully filed to compensate for the mistakes I made carving them. The cutting phase took two days, and the sanding another two so far. Should be finished today. Then I’m going to paint the pieces in something bright, followed by glazing them with some funky colour scheme I haven’t devised yet. Finally, I splatter some pure pigment paints and remove the outline (which will be used to make a second painting, forming a diptych). I have been waffling about what price to set for these pieces. I usually put them up for a grand a piece, and then end up dropping my price to around $500. This time, I want to avoid making myself look like an ass, but I’ve put so much work into this piece so far, and all I can think is, “PAY ME MOFOS!!!” I will wait until the pieces are done before I put them up for sale or build a show around them and the other square pieces I still have, and hopefully by that time I will have a better idea of what they’re actually worth (reputation aside; I’m starting to realize that people aren’t inclined to pay me what the pieces are worth because my name isn’t Vincent or Pablo or Jackson; yes, it aggravates me; life goes on).

I think I need a holiday. Too bad. It’s an all expenses paid trip to Staycation City for me and the Missus. Anyone want me to be their artist in residence for a month or two? Anywhere? Hell, across town in somebody else’s dingy apartment would be a f#$%ing treat, right about now. I’d even put out. I’m totally not kidding.

Time to get the apartment straightened up; Mom’s coming over for a brief visit. TTYL.


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