Where Have All the Flowers Gone

Good Morning, Macketeers!

So, yesterday, after my tepid little self-pity party, my agent dragged me out to go buy a new bicycle (for her) and parts to repair the bike she received from a close friend, so we can go riding together. My agent is concerned about my health. Apparently there is something inherently unhealthy about being a Creative. Who knew?

The problem with the bike we were given was, the chain was rusted solid, and as it was part of a Shimano gear assembly, the chain ran through the body of the bike in such a way that it was necessary to purchase a chain remover tool to get the old one off, and as the new chain was too long, the tool had to be used again to remove the spare links. Problem there was, I removed the wrong segment of link, and spent the next two hours cursing as I tried to figure out how to get the bloody new chain installed. I did eventually get it, by going with my first idea, which was to convert one of the regular links to a makeshift Master link, but it wasn’t easy. If I ever do that again, I ‘ll know what NOT to do, at least.

Anyway, we got both bikes up and running and headed to a kitschy diner for food. The ride was a pretty long one, so my agent got quite a workout, but I felt pretty relaxed by the time we arrived at the diner. It’s been years since I rode a bike, but my body remembered it quite well. I even managed to enjoy myself a bit there.

Today I hope to catch up on the music and writing chores I had outlined for myself yesterday before the whole bike repair thing reared its ugly head. The plan is to work on a couple of drum tracks and maybe lay down a bass line or two, and then spend the rest of the day working on short stories for The Back Roads of Limbo, which has been floundering in Limbo for months. The whole point of the Books of Limbo was to package up series of my shorter fiction and incomplete novellas and such and put them out in a hurry, before any new novels get written. So far, I have three or for compilations coming together, but none are ready for publication, which goes to show that I can’t even make a simple repackage plan come off without a hitch.

As for the music itself, well, the songs for today are supposed to be Show Me Something and either a logotone for Warren Ellis, or the drum track for On My Mind, which has been on my mind for the past few days. That and The Dreamer’s Symphony, which won’t be worked on until after this album is complete.

Okay, time to start getting work done. I hope you nice folks have a great day. Don’t forget to feed your spambots and keep them in a cool dry place.


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