Where The Hell Is My Post?

Well, the thing of it is, I’ve been editing and prepping my novels for print today, which is taking longer than I realized because the edited file for one is sadly full of errors, which means I’ll have to pull the Ebook and republish it when I get the file corrected. *le sigh* The thing that gets me is, I DID a spell check on the book before publishing it, so I’m not sure why I’m getting all of these errors now. They look like my typical spelling mistakes, or in some cases, just my Canadian spelling, which I’m changing to American spellings, since the story does take place in NYC.

But yeah, making books ready for print.

And I still have all of this art to pour through and prep for sale. I don’t have much matting material, so I have to be judicious. I also have a few art projects I’m seriously considering getting back to work on, thinking I might be able to sell the pages for good money if I do them up right. Maybe paint them in watercolour, that sort of thing.

Finally, I have the album in wav. format on my computer, so I can tweak it to within an inch of its life. Or mine, whichever comes first.

Now you know. Hope your day hasn’t been terrible. Seeya tomorrow.


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