Where We’re At

It’s a little after 7 AM, Monday, November 29, and I basically have two or three weeks to finish getting this album written and demo’d and sent off to whomever I’m planning on sharing it with before Christmas and my funeral 40th birthday. Another milestone to aim for and probably miss.

A friend posted a photograph of a small room–only slightly bigger than a closet, and serving like purpose, really–where she stores her musical instruments and such. When I saw the photo, I remarked that it looked like a space I’d probably spend most of my time in if I spent any time in her place. That’s not entirely true, but close enough.

Anyway, the conversation turned to how small the space actually is, and I remarked that it’s not much bigger than the space I use now to write and record tracks for Bisecting A Circumference. The thought crossed my mind yet again this morning that I haven’t taken any accurate photos of the music studio to illustrate precisely how small a space it actually is. So I padded out to the living room in my altogether and grabbed the camera, flicked on a few lights (it IS pretty early and rather dark at this time of day/year), and proceeded to take these:

As you can see, not a lot of space, or perhaps, just a lot crammed into a relatively small but not entirely confining space. Remember: while Gary frequently sits on the sofa while playing and recording, I invariably stand or sit on the stool in that little space between the sofa and keyboard.

It’s also small enough that, when I don’t feel any urge to work, I can easily avoid going into it at all, which might not be an entirely productive state of affairs. Still, it is what it is, and until I can afford that soundproofed glass separation booth in the ultra-modern apartment I’ve always secretly dreamed of, this will do.

Well, the sun is finally coming up. I think it’s about time I put on some clothes, made some tea, maybe had some breakfast, and started actually doing some work. It’s probably been a couple of weeks since I last actually got some work done on the album (I’ve had Rush on the brain for a number of days, and I fear I may do something terribly stupid like attempt to play something vaguely Rush-like in the next few days, which guarantees that neither Gary nor I will be able to perform it, whether we find a suitable drummer or not).

Here’s hoping something changes for the better today.


3 Responses to “Where We’re At

  • Well sunshine, looks like I am healing just fine and all. So I looks like I will be by many times next week and there after for some playing and recording. I have alot of catching up to do. I will be in contact with you real soon. In fact your phone should be ringing soon. lol
    I cannot see a problem on having the album recorded by X-Mas. ( with a little rolling of the eyes )
    So relax, spend some time on your novel and I will see you soon.
    Gary Donald Victor Falkins Jr.

  • Estaré a trabajar mañana por mi amigo. Yo te llamo mañana

  • See you in Mexico baby

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