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Good Morning, Mackademics,

Listening to Synchronicity and drinking coffee. This is the sort of thing you do when you’re younger and want to get pumped up for school or work. At my age, it’s the sort of thing I do to synchronize my brainwaves with the waking world so I can play in the same sandbox.

I’m going to meet a very sweet friend and inherit a slightly older but imminently functional Mac for graphics work. It’ll be nice to have a dedicated computer for graphics and multimedia work around here, so I don’t have to rely on a fairly overtaxed PC for everything all at once all of the time.

When I get my internet back, which should be next week, I will definitely need to get myself updated and back to work on this blog and on record reviews and such. I’ll be taking a break from the album for a few days, just to recharge my batteries, which are getting pretty drained from slaving over it so much. I haven’t set a hard date for its eventual release, but I’m thinking I might make it the 15th of September, to commemorate the day my agent moved to Hamilton to live with me. It seems a fitting change of dates for an album that is dedicated to her. I wanted to have it ready for my brother’s birthday, and in a sense it is, but it requires a lot more polish before it will be ready for public consumption, especially if I’m going to be selling it for $10 a pop. In the long run, ten bucks isn’t a lot of money for the months and even years of work I’ve put into recording it, but it’s more than enough for strangers to become the proud owner of a little circle of plastic and tinfoil with digital noise laser beamed into it.

For my next amazing track, whilst polishing up the album on a less than regular schedule to give Dawn (my agent/wife) a break from having to leave the apartment for hours on end to give me time to record, I’m going to get back to work on my Sterling Carcieri quadriptych, as well as the short stories I’ve been promising. LinkTales volume 2 is far from finished, though I at least had the prescience to give myself a Christmas deadline on that one. The Books of Limbo, however, were supposed to be out months ago. I haven’t finished them yet, though I have been tinkering with them now and then. I guess I’ll try to have those ready for the fall.

I figure ‘The Back Roads of Limbo’ will be the first out of the gate, since it’s the furthest along. I’m still tinkering with four stories there, but I think once I get down to it, those will come together in pretty short order. ‘Hot Nights in…’ and especially ‘Poison Pen Letters from…’ have a ways to go yet before they’ll be ready. I don’t write as much porn and horror as I do weird mind fuck stuff, so my backlog of readymade smut and schlock just isn’t as extensive. I’d roll them into a single omnibus volume if I thought people reading my weird fic would all be okay with reading porn and horror as well, but it’s been made abundantly clear that not everybody appreciates cum and blood as much as they appreciate the other stuff I write.

Personally, I don’t mind segregating my fiction into categories and collected volumes for those who prefer one or another genre, but it has to be said that, if you can’t read the smut or the horror along with the weird and the funny and the fantastical and the techy and the suspense stuff I write, you probably don’t know me as well as you think you do, and I probably wouldn’t be as comfortable around you as I’d like to be. That’s not a challenge; it’s just an observation. I wouldn’t be able to really be myself around folks who aren’t prepared to accept that I write erotica and horror along with the other things I write. I’m not comfortable with shame, as I think it’s a bullshit emotion that people have no right trying to push on one another. I don’t want folks to be uncomfortable around me, either, but really, we can’t have it all.

Time to put some socks on and go meet my friend. I hope folks have a great day. I’ll try getting this blog posted when I get back. Thanks for reading.


ETA: My friend, apparently, was tied up and unprepared to answer the door (after the stuff I mentioned earlier, that sounds more interesting than it probably was), so I’ll have to try back a bit later. Time to make my post.

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