Who do you dare to call your own? And where’s the place that you call home?

Okay, I’m not making much progress on The Fool, because I’m procrastinating, whilst thinking of ways to organize and promote an impromptu showing of mine and my wife’s paintings at The Pring House (on the North East corner of Cannon and Mary Streets; Hamilton, Ontario) for Doors Open this weekend (Saturday, May 6th, 2016). We need to pick the pieces, arrange transport, and prepare a new price list, because a number of the prices have changed (hopefully for the last time). Not likely to spend much time at the drawing table today. Shame, really. A part of me is really just in the mood to draw for a few hours and tune out the world.

So, what paintings do you think we should hang at the Pring?
We are apparently expected to fill the Empire room. I’m thinking of bringing enough paintings to fill both sitting rooms, just in case.

I need to promote the event, which is something I was not prepared to do just now, but we need money, so it’s a good time for this, really… assuming we can get any buyers to visit the Pring and take some art home.

Sharing Is Love. *hint hint*.

I Figured I also needed another variation on the ‘InDifferentSpaces‘ theme of the October and December shows, last year. So I created this:
AnInVitingSpace 001-01

So that’s the pitch. Here’s the new pricing:
An Inviting Space Price List-02An Inviting Space Price List-01

So that’s what I’ve got. Probably not all of those pieces will go up. I’ll take a fat black marker to cross off the ones that don’t go up. But I don’t mind folks suggesting alternatives, if there’s a chance they’ll spin by to see them in situ.

So here’s most of the available catalogue. I have a website where most of the stuff is described, but it’s in a blog format, where this is nice and compact with thumbnails of the paintings to guide you. So take a look, and let me know what you want to see. COMMENTS MORE THAN WELCOME.

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