Will The Music Be Your Master… Will You Heed The Master’s Call

Seems like I post more like once a week rather than once a day, lately, doesn’t it?

I’ve been posting art, so it’s over at THE ART PAGE.

My arm is healing, but it still feels weird, and it’s going to have a funky scar that I can actually feel (by the lack of sensation). Wish it didn’t feel as it I have a zipper that will pop open if I exert it too much. And my arm still gets tired if I type or especially play instruments for too long. *sigh*

I’ve been thinking about writing fiction. I’ve got two or three newish ideas, and a drive to reinvestigate the Passage To Bujah series, which has been languishing since I started to detect that YA Dystopia fiction is beginning to lose its cache. My main stumbling block was the strange sex concepts I had in mind for the series, which I rather liked, but feared were too Samuel R. Delaney for YA fic. I’m still waffling on that, but it occurs to me that it might be possible to handle it in a more light-hearted manner. Not convinced yet, but thinking about it. Also thinking it’s time I got back to work on Sterling Carcieri, who has been inordinately patient.

Got Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti playing in the headphones this morning. Kashmir is on deck at the moment. Still one of the most moving tracks in the canon. Still inspires me, after all these years. Give me a second… *stops track… turns it up… restarts…* Ah, that’s better.

The idea of working on a drum program isn’t that appealing just now, but my guitar student requires it to record himself playing Maroon 5’s Payphone. I may put in some time on it this morning.

I have canvases waiting for me to decide if it’s going to be representational or abstract work I use them for. There were plans, but they’re all in my head at present, and they’re pretty involved… sort of a cross between Salvador Dali (or probably more like Rene Magritte) and Edward Hopper. Lots of drawing involved, and I’ve had very little time for derwing, ironically enough. But I haven’t done any foundation drawings on the canvases yet, so I can pretty much just do as I like and buy more canvases if and as needed.

I feel like I should be doing both, but the representational stuff takes time, where the abstracts are things I can do in a day or two if I work at it. Sometimes, they happen so fast, I feel like I’m cheating, but really, it’s a special process and a mindset I get in that enables me to work faster than normal. I used to labour over them for weeks or even months, depending on the size. I may get back to that level of deliberation, but right now, I just want to build a body of attractive abstract work, so I can mount a show. I really feel like it’s time I put these little darlings in the spotlight to sing and dance.

Part of me thinks that there is a kind of sex appeal to the layers of paint I apply to these pieces. I want to strip bare the process and lay it all out naked for people to deliberate over, but I think the tension comes from seeing glimpses of something recognizable, like a slipped nipple or a glimpse of cleavage within the swirling, towering layers of paint, and wondering if there’s a full image beneath. The answer is… maybe? Get a little closer and see for yourself.

Coming up on 5:30. Been writing this post for a half hour. Time to get to work. Thanks for reading. Stay warm.


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