With One Word, With One Flow, You Will Know…

Okay, so I’ve been wrestling with the new novel, PERPETUAL TUESDAY, for a couple of weeks now, and it just isn’t getting any lift. It wants to be something extra special. It wants to be a sequel that succeeds where its predecessor failed. And the very basic premise I came to this novel with still holds up in my mind as a good idea. I just haven’t figured out the best way to go about getting to the meat of the story.

I thought I had it. I thought I understood what the novel wants to be. I figured that, even if I was a little off, I could fix it in rewrites. The problem is, it’s all been rewrites from day two on. I just can’t get any traction with this story as it’s been laid out in either the blurb or the underlying framework. It should work. I know it can work. I know I could get a really good novel out of what I’ve put down so far. But the novel itself is being a prima donna. It refuses to let me make it into what it doesn’t see itself as.

So what does the novel see itself as? I’m not sure. I suspect it wants to be a Nora Ephron romance, but directed by Terry Gilliam. A bit less The Fisher King and a little more Brazil, I suppose, but grounded in real world love dynamics, like When Harry met Sally. A New York story, of course (it’s in the subtitle, after all), but a New York of the mind, perhaps even more so than the first.

I keep getting the feeling I have to come to grips with the sexuality and make it less confrontational on that front, but the principle characters themselves are very horny, and I’m very bad at telling my leads they can’t shag when they want to. Sexual tension is something I’ve never been comfortable with in my fiction. I always think the story would flow smoother if they’d just fuck and get it out of the way.

I wish I knew what the shape of this story really was, so I won’t be wasting lots of time trying to get to the road. I need a map to figure out where I am, but I know that I’m basically in the basement building upward. But is it an apartment complex or is it a skyscraper? How deep does the foundation need to be? Is it an Art Nouveau or Art Deco restoration, or is it going to be one of those glass and steel monstrosities? I can’t see it from here, and it’s frustrating me.

Anyway, I’m way the hell behind on the book at this point. I’m told by NaNoWriMo’s trusty stat metrics that I won’t be done until Mid-January if I don’t pick it up and crank out between 2-3K per day. I know I need to wrist a lot more than that if I’m going to finish the novel as planned. If I want the whole novel done by December 1st, I need to write just a little over 14K per day from here until then. I can write more than that, or at least, I have done so in the past. But I need to either know where I’m going, or throw all of that away and just keep walking until I get somewhere.

This also hasn’t been the best month for just writing uninterrupted. The Sims 3 thing hasn’t helped, but really, even that doesn’t explain the whole thing. I’ve had errands to run almost every day. I can’t get a clear day to just write, and I can’t seem to tell everyone to just leave me alone, either. I’ll never make it as a writer if I can’t just lock everyone out and work, but there’s always this ever-present threat that shit will fall apart if I don’t pay attention.

Anyway, I’ve belly-ached enough. Time to get to work. Thanks for reading.


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