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So I’ve been accepted as the Stinson Community Association representative to the PBW2 2014 Startup Committee. That basically means I continue doing what I have been trying to do for the last half a year (i.e. elect a new Facilitator for PBW2), only now with the Councillor’s involvement and support. This might seem like a confusing and possibly messy position to be in, but I regard it as a chance to rectify a problem that I’ve been wrestling with for months.

It should come as no surprise to a number of you that I have been working behind the scenes to try to get the PBW2 2013 program back up and running since it went into a coma shortly after the (perhaps premature) announcement by the Councillor back in September that the Budgeting Session for 2013 was concluded. I don’t actually blame him; He had a big PB review to think about. But it did inconvenience the Transition Team, as many residents in the know, including volunteers, questioned our position that we needed to get new staff voted and a new Facilitator in and the Planning Session under way.

As it stands, our projected program window for 2014 is thoroughly blown; We should have been going into the first stage of consultation with the City Staff on the first proposals by now. All that potential progress is lost. Perhaps that’s for the best, but it’s hard to see it that way, because we really believed in what we were going to do next to improve the PBW2 experience in 2014. A lot of it hung on getting a much earlier start, which we won’t get now, no matter how fast we get through this startup committee phase.

Anyway, going forward, I’m going to try to be as clear and open and friendly about the ‘new’ process as I can manage. In the end, I just want what’s best for my city, and I believe it starts here.

Meanwhile, there are things I think need to happen for the future of PB in Hamilton, and I fully intend to be involved in shepherding that future into being if I can. So this is one more step in the path to a truly all-inclusive, self-sustaining PBHamilton program. Baby steps, as it turns out, but it’s an election year, so good things have to happen or this will never get off the ground.

I trust everyone onboard will do their level best to see this thing come together in a way that we couldn’t quite manage in 2013, despite all of our hard work and the successes that we did enjoy with the assemblies and the vote.

In other news, I’ve not gotten as much fiction writing done today as I have over the past two days, and I have some chores to see to, so I’m not sure how much of this afternoon can be dedicated to fiction writing either. I should spend the next hour or two finishing the chapter I’m working on right now, while Dawn is at the gym.

Time to get dressed (what? Still in your bathrobe at this hour? SLACKER!) and get things done. And besides, Max Webster is almost finished, so it’s tiem to select some new music.

Have a great day, and thank you for reading.


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