Yesterday and Today (and Maybe Tomorrow)

So I was at Mom’s house, helping clean, yesterday, as is the usual pattern for Sundays. we get up, have sausage on a bun (if shopping was successful), and then I drag my wife to Mom’s for cleaning and such. We generally try to get done and home before dark, though it doesn’t always work that way, especially int eh winter months when the sun sets early. We succeeded in leaving while the sun was still up, but it soon finished setting even as we were waiting for our first bus. We were both quite tired when we arrived home, and had a dinner of baked ziti and a night of Q.I. and rest.

Today, we both got up early again, and had sausage on a bun again, which is irregular for Mondays, but we figured Family Day warranted it. It’s been a pretty quiet day, all told. We’re bathing the cats, who have been getting a might grubby from rolling in the salt and dirt left over from the past few snows. I’m washing bed sheets and blankets. I’ve been thinking I should do something creative/constructive today, but haven’t settled on what. Given the preponderance of natural light, I might abandon my computer and go do some drawing, of which there is much to be done for the painting series I’m working on.

Tomorrow, it’s back to writing Passage to Bujah. I’ve been murderously delinquent on the book series, but it’s been in part because of how many projects I have to work on right now. I’m even contemplating music again, though not quite yet.

Best wishes on this Family Day to all of my friends and their conventional and unconventional families. We love you all.

Time to go change the load of laundry. Three words of wisdom for today, which I want you all to contemplate seriously: Feed The People.


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