You Don’t Need To Carry It Alone

6:08 AM and I’m listening to old music to convince myself that I have some ability at something.

Met Harry Rasmussen, an animator last night at Tracee Lee-Holloway’s think tank. Really nice guy. It was good to discuss art and software and creativity with someone who knows a few things. Also got into a debate with Todd Murray, who seems a very clever chap indeed. I think he believes he scored a point on me last night, but I remain adamant, and am game for a rematch some day. 😉

I still hear all of the mistakes in my music this morning. The guitar is the problem. I write guitar parts that are hard for me to play cleanly. Very frustrating. Just when I get a tune in pretty good shape, with maybe only a few little mistakes in the bass line that can be ignored, I then go ahead and record a guitar part that is messier and even more flawed, and suddenly, it’s obvious the kid is an amateur, an impostor.

Here’s a piece that took me almost two decades to record properly. It’s a song I wrote for a lyric written by my friend and drummer, Derrick Rose. It’s called ‘Waiting‘. Everything is a little quirky and flawed, but the guitar and piano parts are integral to the song, and almost work, except where they don’t.

6:23 AM and I’m thinking I need some coffee. Or a beer. Too bad I’m out of scotch.

I have to clean the kitchen, do the laundry, and create graphic designs for a couple of gigs that have come across my doorstep. I also need to contact Norman at last and see if he needs my help or not with the PBW2 flyers and design work and such. Been so busy, I’ve been pushing back my email with him because I didn’t want to have to start yet another project and get even more scrambled, but I’m just about coherent today, I think. We’ll see.

Think I’ll be going to grab that coffee shortly. And maybe turn off the fan. Thanks for reading.


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