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Good Morning, Macketeers!

I’m down to 188.7 lbs. It’s a slow descent, but I’m working on it.

I’m listening to Mike + the Mechanics. The first album is still my favourite. I’ve also got Strictly Inc. lined up to follow that. Might throw in some Ant and Hackett albums after that. It feels like a good day to listen to solo Genesis albums.

I recorded some vocals for a song written by a new friend of mine. Her name is Kristine Fleckenstein. She’s a huge fan of my hero, Tony Banks, as well, so it was a joy to sing this for her. I still have to touch up the backing vocals and eliminate the coda vocals, but other than that, it’s coming together pretty nicely, considering it’s a style I haven’t really recorded myself singing before. She’s asked me to provide bass for this track, and some bass and guitar tracks for another track of hers, which has a very

I’m going to go read for a bit and wait for breakfast to settle, so I can get some work done on On My Mind. I hope to have at least the bed tracks ready by the end of the day, if not the keys and vocals.

And that’s all I’ve got for you today. Thanks for reading. Have a good day.


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