You Have To Be Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With

Good Afternoon, Mackrophiles,

Sorry for the delay in posting. Just don’t feel like I have anything to say worth hearing.

I’ve been arguing on line with my friend Rod about the validity of the point of view that the extremely wealthy owe more to society for their stature. That this argument can even happen between two people in our relative financial positions is a strong indicator of what this world has become like. You’ve either drunken the Kool-Aid and believe yourself a lion, or you are one of the cattle meant to be fed upon. There is a growing divide between those who have extreme wealth and those who think they can still scale the heights if they keep at it, and so we keep straining ourselves to reach the ladder that is flying ever higher out of reach. We lose our footing and fall from greater heights than ever before, dashed on the rocky shore below, and those coming up behind us just dismiss us as if we brought it on ourselves, safe in the knowledge that they could never make the same mistakes… until it’s their turn to fall.

Sadly, my friend just cannot see my point. It’s a dead ended argument. Can’t convert him, and he can’t concede that I have a point. He’s totally in opposition. Time to just agree to disagree and walk away.

In other news, I am still remixing the album. still haven’t devoted myself to rerecording any of the parts. I’m just enjoying the effect of clarifying the tracks as they already exist and balancing them to make for a more pleasurable listen. Doesn’t negate me from having to rerecord the parts that don’t work. I’m just trying to minimize the number of parts I need to perfect, by getting most of the tracks polished without going back to the multi-track recorder. A few of the tracks I’ve cleaned up and shared on Soundcloud still need work, but most of the tracks I’ve done so far are pretty good, and may not need a second recording session. We’ll see what I’ve got when I’m done tweaking and arranging. Then I’ll do the patch job sessions, and then I’ll get my buddy David to help make my mixes shine.

In still other news, I’ve gotten no fiction writing done in weeks, and thus, The Back Roads of Limbo, the next collection of short stories is not ready for release yet. I’m hoping to get back to work on it shortly. I’d like to release this volume by the end of this month. AND, I’ve only sold one print copy of Terminal Monday. I’m sure it won’t be the last… but it would be nice if I could sell a few more and thus actually get paid. Darned minimum payments.

I wish the IRS would send me the paperwork to file for a tax number. This has been going on for months. *sigh*

And finally, all of this neighbourhood association stuff is coming to a head. Planning for the big BBQ should be over in a few days, and then I can focus on polishing up the plans for the park makeover. After that, we’ll see how much work on the rest of the neighbourhood plan needs doing this year, if at all.

I guess it’s time to grab a shower and get dressed. Nothing in particular happening until tonight, and then it will be an endurance test to see how well my voice holds out.

Have a great weekend, gang.


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