You May Even Catch Me Out With Some New Verse That I Haven’t Tried pt 2

Good Afternoon, Macketeers.

Well, I’ve been pretty busy, and haven’t been posting as much as I ought. In all likelihood, most of you are watching the Olympics, and won’t see this post anyway. That’s alright. It’s summer. I’m not expecting a tsunami of hits.

I’m writing lyrics for a new (as yet untitled; I’ve just been calling it Surreyal for a working title) music project. I would show you some, but I haven’t had time to discuss them with my collaborator yet, so I’m not sure if they’ll stay as such. I also haven’t started jamming musical ideas for said project yet, but it will (hopefully) be a late-70s-very-early-80s period homage to our Genesis prog rock roots.

I’m also thinking I should get back to writing Sterling Carcieri, but I haven’t been able to get my head into the writing space for more than a few hours a week in the last few months. I aim to fix that, but I don’t know when I’ll be done.

The biggest plan on my horizon involves planning a proposal for a pretty large scale outdoor mural, to decorate one of our persistently less-than-pleasant architectural features here in Hamilton; the section of the Claremont Access that runs alongside our neighbourhood’s Carter Park. I won’t say how many square feet I estimated the job to be, but suffice to say, it will take some time to complete, if I win the bid. I’m actually supposed to be on the jury that selects the winning entry, but there has been so little movement on the project–and a deadline looming for funding–that I’ve been playing with the idea of stepping down and throwing my hat in the ring as well. I haven’t done a large scale painting in years, but I’ve already got a concept I’m convinced will be big enough and magnificent enough for the entire job, involving covering seven walls, and a large scale sculpture as well. If I get my way, people will sit up and take notice of this neighbourhood–and this city–again.

Finally, my Thesis songwriting partner, Gary, started working on a new song that I helped him hammer into shape, and now we just have to rehearse it and rerecord it (I whipped off a demo using my computer and my wife’s lyrics, the latter of which Gary approved, but the demo is too rough to share yet, and Gary has to get his rap section sorted out). It’s a nice little Mexicali folk rock number with a bluesy, Latin feel, perhaps a little like G’n’R’s ‘Patience’, but less histrionic. That should be demoed in another week or so, if I don’t get impatient and just record all the parts myself, as has become my habit of late.

So there it is. That’s what I’ve been doing since last weekend’s big neighbourhood BBQ. Lots of work left to do. Lots more to come in the future. If I get the mural gig (no guarantees whatsoever, but I’m hopeful), I should be pretty busy for the next year or so. Not sure how much or how little of that project I’ll feel safe revealing here, as my first thought is to keep the project relatively low key until it’s finished, and then blitz promote it when it’s done and up on the walls. I’ll probably promote the heck out of the mural, whoever gets the job. I want this to be the coolest thing to ever be made in Hamilton.

Time to go.

Uncle Eddie.

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