You See The Shirt That My Logo’s Printed On

Okay, so I’m tres busy today. I’m a poll supervisor for Participatory Budgeting in Ward 2 of Hamilton, Ontario. I get to ride a van for twelve hours today and try to convince people to come out of their homes and execute their right as a democratic citizen to decide how one million dollars gets spent. It’s actually a pretty daunting task, especially because we don’t own a cell phone, and thus I’ll have to hope one of my crew has a smart phone, so we can use their WiFi. Pray with me, my children.

So, I have to sort out the food situation. Lunch is apparently being catered, but dinner is up in the air, so Dawn has mangled a cooked pork chop sandwich (better than it sounds) and a pasta salad together for me.

I hope everyone has a great day, and if you live in the Stinson neighbourhood, I hope to see you at the polls.


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